Rising Star of Russian Parkour Performs Impressive Selection of Stunts at KAMAZ-Master Racing Team Base


Russia’s top tracer and a member of the world’s parkour elite, Evgeny ‘Archie’ Aroyan performed an impressive routine of difficult manoeuvrers which was captured on film at the KAMAZ-master base in Naberzhynye Chelny city.

Goodyear Partners in the Creative Collaboration between KAMAZ-Master and Red Bull

Joining forces for a creative partnership KAMAZ-master chief Vladamir Chagin and bronze-winner in the Red Bull Art of Motion world freerunning competition, Evgeny Aroyan put on a unique display. Fresh from winning the international Silk Way Rally in July as well as a top 3 podium position at Dakar 2021, KAMAZ-master partnered with Archie in an impressive collaboration showing the dual talents of athletics and manufacturing.

In the video, Archie premiered a new routine of complicated combination moves. One routine included freerunning elements with the KAMAZ trucks featuring in the background, as Archie took on the role of a model employee rushing through the workplace, avoiding significant obstacles. In his debut performance, Chagin got in on the action playing a firm but fair team manager.

Archie managed to pull off a two-metre high double-bullit and a 360° front flip on a truck in motion, as well as a host of other visually arresting stunts on Goodyear tyres.

Evgeny Aroyan said of the taping, ‘I was doing all freerunning elements in this video for the first time in such unusual circumstances.’ Aroyan also noted, “During training, I came up with completely new combinations of well-known manoeuvrers to meet this special project, the unusual location and performance conditions added as well to the challenge. Even I can't believe I managed to do it all!’

Vladimir Chagin said of his work behind the camera: ‘In this unique project, many things had to be done for the first time by both Evgeny and our team. Despite the video's playful format, the tasks performed by our vehicles and participants were a challenge and a good training exercise for the upcoming competitions when it comes to precision manoeuvring, teamwork and detailed testing of many work processes.” Adding how the collaboration changed his mindset, Chagin concluded by noting “I'm committed to motorsport, but I found myself also attracted to the parkour “no limits” philosophy. All obstacles can be overcome; almost nothing in life is impossible.’

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