GRI Tires Launch Peakmaster Snow Tyre


GRI’s Peakmaster Snow has developed a new tyre that delivers in both indoor and outdoor conditions, with the Peakmaster Snow being particularly adept in low temperatures and tough winter weather conditions.

GRI Launches Its Solid Winter Tyre for Material Handling Customers

GRI has continued its quest to engineer and develop tyres that meet the special requirements for customers with their extensively tested new Peakmaster Snow winter tyre.

A solid tyre that combines an innovative design along with advanced construction developed for both tough wintery conditions or heavy snow, GRI developed samples with special compounds that functioned in sub-zero temperatures during the development process. These samples were then tested in specific regions over a full winter season to tests the durability and utility for material handling customers.

The tyre also has additional features including a wider tread width, which helps to improve stability, traction, and wet handling. The deep lugs provide exceptional traction in thick snow, and the centre lugs have been designed to provide a stronger grip and prevent slipping. The lengthy centre grooves are also on hand to create a smooth path for snow flow and better self-cleaning. Furthermore, the parallel shallow grooves prevent snow clogs, whilst the middle grooves are designed for a tight grip for snowy terrains.

Prabhash Subasinghe, Managing Director of GRI explained how they focused on the core needs of their customers when developing and constructing the tyre. “GRI continues to provide what customers require in their tyres by listening to their needs. We are dedicated to continuous research and development together with an innovation mindset using the latest theories in tyre technology.”

Rounding off his comments on the new Peakmaster Snow tyre, Subasinghe explained the company's environmental goals for the future: “GRI is committed to delivering the best tyres in the industry while ensuring the sustainability of our solutions for generations to come.”

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