Goodyear Extends RH-4A+ Lineup to Include 40.00R57


Goodyear’s strongest haulage tyre is suitable is now available in the 40.00R57 size. The tyre is suitable for higher productivity in hard rock underfoot conditions, providing longer hours to removal. 

Goodyear Strengthens RH-4A+ Range with Additional Size

Goodyear’s new 40.00R57 tyre is the latest addition to its RH-4A+ lineup since it was launched last autumn. Designed to deliver a lower operating cost per hour and increased productivity in rock underfoot conditions, the tyre has some clear features for haulage firms. Designed with a high net-to-gross tread pattern, as well as an extra-deep 4+ tread pattern, the tyre is also resistant, with cool operating temperatures from the tread’s centreline blading, shoulder lug and shoulder lug side notches, which provides longer continuous wear. 

The 40.00R57 has become Goodyear’s dominant fitment on 200-ton trucks, such as the Caterpillar 789. With a higher TKPH (tonne kilometres per hour) and load-carrying capacity, the new Goodyear RH-4A+ tyre size is a great option for customers who have converted their 789 fleets to this larger tyre.” explained Eric Matson, Global OTR Field Engineering Manager.

The Goodyear RH-4A+ is now available in sizes 40.00R57, 59/80R63, 46/90R57 and 27.00R49. All sizes are available through Goodyear’s global network of authorized OTR dealers, with the option of customised casing constructions, as well as Goodyear’s own proprietary tread compounds.


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