Giti Tire Launches First European Off-Road Tyre for High Mobility Vehicles

Giti GAO897 tyre

Giti Tire has launched its first European off-road truck tyre for high mobility vehicles operating under the most extreme terrains - the Giti GAO897. 

Giti Tire Unveils the Giti GAO897 

Available in size 14.00R20, the tyre is designed to provide outstanding traction on unpaved surfaces, mud, sand, gravel and ice, as well as on the road. 

To cover the operational requirements of all target vehicles which operate under hugely varying circumstances, the GAO897 is designed to deliver maximum performance across a wide range of air pressures and in temperatures ranging from 55˚c to -40˚c. 

Key features include robust blocks and wide longitudinal grooves in combination with a deep pattern design to provide excellent traction and superior ability to pass every obstacle in the roughest working terrains. 

A technically-advanced reinforced tread compound with superior anti-cut properties and high abrasion provides excellent resistance against tread chunking and tearing, while an optimised bead contour ensures easy fitting and enhanced endurance in low pressure running conditions. 

Including road driving the tyre’s construction ensures high lifetime mileage potential, even for the heaviest applications. 

Tony McHugh, TBR Sales and Marketing Director UK at Giti Tire, said: “This GAO897 is designed to operate on primarily off-road vehicles from the extremes of the Arctic Circle to the Sahara Desert, and everywhere in-between. 

“The optimised tyre construction and consolidated technical solutions ensure high-working, safe application flexibility in every environment, with different pressure settings and temperature ranges a key requirement for every operator.” 

The tyre’s credentials have already been proven with two consecutive appearances in the world’s leading extreme off-road events, the 1,300km cross country Rallye Breslau in Poland. 

Described as the ‘Dakar of Europe’, Giti-sponsored Truck Team Holten used the GAO897 in 2020 and 2021 on both a modified Mercedes 1622 800HP and a Scania 4x4 630 across some of the most difficult terrains imaginable, with each vehicle only requiring one set of tyres per vehicle per year. 

The Giti truck and bus portfolio is developed in conjunction with Giti Tire’s European Research & Development Centre in Hannover, Germany. 

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