CAM Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary with a Pledge to Keep the Tyre Industry Moving Along

CAM-Celebrates-40-Years-in-the-Tyre Industry

To celebrate its 40th Anniversary taking place this month, CAM has committed to spending GBP 1.5 million of investment annually to secure software innovation, research and development with the combined goals of keeping the tyre industry connected and helping to amplify future growth within the market.

CAM Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation in the Tyre Industry

Since its inception in 1981 by founders Trevor Allen and Len Miller, CAM has become the primary tyre solutions provider for 19 of the UK’s top 25 tyre wholesalers, with 16 of the UK’s top 25 tyre retailers choosing CAM products to manage their tyre systems.

A total of GBP 4.5 billion of tyre orders have been placed online via CAM’s MIDaS solution since it was introduced in 1995. This year, the MIDaS e-commerce platform will handle close to five million transactions alone.

Following its introduction in 2015, CAM’s easy-to-use e-jobsheet app for truck, bus, van, industrial and car tyre servicing is assisting 1,700 tyre fitters, working on 4,000 UK fleet vehicles every weekday, recording and relaying their jobs instantaneously to the fleet service provider.

In addition, over 50 commercial tyre service providers from across the UK are connected to fleet contract holders via the TiDaeX platform and the e-jobsheet app.

CAM's Future Goals Unveiled

CAM chairman Trevor Allen said of the upcoming anniversary, “We have seen so many changes, fantastic achievements and innovations over the past 40 years and the one thing that remains constant is that this industry is an incredibly dynamic and interesting sector to work in.”

CAM managing director Mike Allen also added, “We would like to express our gratitude to all our customers, partners, staff and suppliers for their support over the past 40 years. We are totally committed to assisting this great industry in moving forward with its ambitions for many more years to come. We will continue to support the industry in anticipating and addressing the ongoing challenges and maximising the opportunities the sector presents such as changing legislation, the connected car, EV/hybrid, TPMS, tyre tracking, the technical life cycle of tyres and many more elements within the industry.”

Jörg Lüdemann, Bridgestone EMEA, endorsing CAM’s achievements within the industry said, “Working with CAM has been a very good experience. I am looking forward to continuing our collaboration in the future!”

Glenn Sherwood, director of, also congratulated CAM on its anniversary and noted its innovation within the industry adding, “CAM has been an integral partner in bringing together and linking the independent tyre dealer network. Products like CAMEO and e-jobsheet and the connectivity that they bring, have been instrumental in the strength of the sector.”

Simon Hiorns, retail director of Micheldever Tyre Services, rounded up the congratulations by saying of its relationship with CAM, “Our close partnership with CAM has enabled us to jointly develop the best ERP system in the tyre industry, enabling ProTyre to outperform everyone else in the sector!”

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