BKT Unveils AGRIMAX FORTIS with a Special Compound Created Through Farmer Feedback


BKT’s new tyre is seven times more resistant than standard models in the field. While developing the AGRIMAX FORTIS, BTK focused on testing the tyre to be suitable for challenging and intensive operations on rocky ground in France and Spain.

BKT Look to External Factors to Enhance Its Agricultural Range

BKT has continued to develop its range of off-highway tyres (OHT) by looking to new solutions to meet the needs of its end-users, with the Indian manufacturer working hard to understand the needs that arise from customers out on the field in demanding circumstances.

After an extensive period of feedback, BKT has finalised its development of the new AGRIMAX FORTIS. The radial tyre has been made to fit out high-powered tractors on hard, rocky terrains around Valencia, Spain and the Massif Central in France.

Designed for all soil preparation, planting and treatment operations, the tyre has solid traction on difficult ground as well as a high flotation capacity. This allows end-users to benefit from lower soil compaction, low rolling resistance and better fuel-saving, coupled with a reduced environmental impact.

Importantly, the AGRIMAX FORTIS is able to withstand cuts, tears, sharp stones and stress on the ground, based on the special compound which BKT developed through looking closely at the industrial machinery sector. This tougher compound, therefore, has stronger resistance when it comes to punctures or cuts and chips, which are more common for off-highway tyres.

Tested on the Toughest of Terrains

Tested by BKT around France and Spain, the manufacturer chose a site littered with debris to assess its resistance under uncompromising ground. Normally a tyre would be seriously damaged after 200 hours of application. BKT discovered however through extensive research that the AGRIMAX FORTIS could manage 500 hours of intense work, with the special compound still in pristine condition, compared to standard tyres that commonly need around 7 repairs under the same conditions.

First-hand accounts and feedback from our customers have proven really essential in developing the special compound for AGRIMAX FORTIS – explains Piero Torassa, Field Engineering Manager at BKT – Each application requires a very specific product: this is why we work so hard to translate the needs of the various agricultural businesses into unique products. But it is not just a question of having greater choice available. Using the right tyre is also sustainable and cost-effective since the product life cycle is extended, without needing to replace it, thereby reducing fuel consumption.”

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