Michelin and CTT Sign a Partnership to Contribute to Sustainable Transport

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CTT - Correos de Portugal and Michelin have signed a collaboration agreement for tyre management of the maintenance of their fleet of heavy and light vehicles, in an initiative that aims to contribute to more sustainable commercial transport. 

Michelin’s Contract Win in Portugal 

The commitment from both companies to sustainability and safety have contributed to this partnership. Both CTT and Michelin have been developing specific projects in these areas, while applying specific measures aimed at reducing CO2 emissions at various levels, but mainly focused on sustainable transport. 

This agreement aims to implement professional tyre management and maintenance services for CTT's fleet. This will ensure a longer tyre life and therefore lower tyre and fuel consumption, also enhancing the safety of people and cargo. 

Michelin has extensive experience in tyre life management and optimisation through preventive inspections and maintenance operations. For example, Michelin adopt a strategy of preventive maintenance, in which all tyre inspection operations on CTT's truck fleet will be carried out by service centres that are part of the Michelin network. 

These operations include preventive tyre inspections carried out periodically on the tyres for each vehicle, primarily to check the wear, pressure and general condition of the tyres. The detailed information of each vehicle in its fleet will allow CTT to have access, at all times, to the tyre performance indicators, such as the date of intervention, the depth of the tread, the pressure and the services performed. 

In terms of maintenance, it is vital to ensure the full mobility of the CTT fleet, wherever the vehicle is and at any time. By using Michelin's ON CALL roadside assistance network, the time the vehicle is not operational in the event of an incident is minimised. 

The use of retreaded tyres is another key part of CTT's planon its way to a greener planet. By extending the tyre life (2nd life), the number of new tyres used is reduced, while each retreading saves 50 kg of raw materials. The material addition required is only 20 kg on average, 70% less compared to the raw materials required to make a new tyre. 

CTT estimates that the annual benefit in the reduction of CO2 emissions resulting from the Michelin deal will reach approximately 100 tonnes, which is equivalent to approximately 1 million kilometres travelled by a light vehicle circulating in Portugal, or 3,200 trips between Lisbon and Madrid, also in a light vehicle. 

With one of the largest and most modern fleets of all Portuguese companies, CTT has 3,851 vehicles in direct operation, in addition to contracting transport services to third parties. CTT's fleet includes 335 low-emission vehicles, mostly electric, which currently represents 9% of CTT's global fleet. 

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