Prometeon Appointed as Tyre Supplier for Fraikin Trucks and Trailers


Under a new three-year contract, Prometeon will be supplying and managing Pirelli and Formula tyres for Fraikin’s fleet of 3,100 rigids, tractors and trailers. Prometeon is the licensed UK supplier of Pirelli-branded commercial vehicle tyres and the only tyre company solely focused on the commercial and industrial vehicle sectors.

Fraikin Appoint Prometeon

 Fraikin – a company who has extensive experience in contract hire, fleet management and rental specialist is no stranger to Pirelli and Formula tyres, having fitted them between 2006 and 2017.

Servicing will be provided via Prometeon’s nationwide service network. As part of the new contract, Fraikin will benefit from Prometeon’s ProManagement system, which provides centralised billing and management reporting (including the monitoring of tyre usage and costs).

Eric Baley, Engineering & Procurement Director, Fraikin says: "We are looking forward to working in partnership with Prometeon once more. Our Fraikin workshops, as well as our mobile technicians, are involved in the tyre husbandry, and the training support provided by Prometeon is crucial to enhance our expertise. This will give us new benefits around our tyre package for customers. Tyres are a key area in any fleet, and our experience and knowledge will ensure that we give added value and maximise profits."

Peter Fairlie, Managing Director of Prometeon Tyre Group UK, says: "It’s fantastic to be working with Fraikin again. Because of our history with the business, we were able to demonstrate a deep understanding of Fraikin’s requirements. It was a challenge to commence the contract as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but Fraikin and Prometeon worked brilliantly together to ensure a quick and seamless transition with a minimum of customer impact."

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