New Nokian E-Truck 17.5 Tyre Range to Thrive on City Streets


The Nokian E-Truck range of tyres is designed to bring as many economical, trouble-free kilometres as possible in year-round transports on main roads. However, with city traffic, there are challenges specific to city roads, which is why the new Nokian E-Truck 17.5 series of steering and drive axle tyres was not created just by scaling down the existing products.

Nokian E-Truck Range Developed Further

“We took the features that have proven useful in the Nokian E-Truck tyres, such as the robust tread pattern designs,” says Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “But we developed them further and combined the latest in tread pattern design with our special, abrasion-resistant rubber compound.”

The resulting tyres, Nokian E-Truck Steer 17.5 and Nokian E-Truck Drive 17.5, give their best performance on busy city streets. Available from the second half of 2020, they answer to challenges set by urban traffic.

“Manoeuvring tight corners and small courtyards is no problem with these tyres, thanks to their stable, predictable handling,” argues Teppo Siltanen. “The 3PMSF marking also makes sure no winter will slow you down.” 

Nokian E-Truck Steer 17.5 is a stable and reliable front tyre for medium size delivery trucks and city buses, offering good handling properties with its sturdy four-rib tread pattern. For a long, trouble-free service life it boasts an even wear-pattern, and the special zigzag-shaped wide grooves effectively reduce stone trapping.


Nokian E-Truck Drive 17.5 tyre is designed for all-year use in demanding urban traffic. For grip and confident handling in in all circumstances, it features a dense block pattern made of a special rubber compound and an open block design with semi-open shoulder design. The optimised tread block staggering provides driving stability for a safe, comfortable ribe.


Nokian Tyres products are always made for needs dictated by real-world use, be it wintry forest roads, or rock earthmoving sites, to name a few driving scenarios. The new Nokian E-Truck 17.5 tyre family is optimised for specialised needs that are both environmentally sound, with low-emissions, as well as benefits for the cityscape, such as quiet, agile driving designed to withstand the tyre-wearing abrasion caused by city roads and traffic.

“The city traffic is shifting towards lighter vehicles, and it’s a good thing,” Teppo Siltanen explains. “That enables more flexible traffic and cleaner air– so Nokian Tyres wants to offer tyres that speed up the change!”

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