José Miguel Arévalo Provides Their Long Distance Fleet with Michelin’s Effitrailer Technology

José Miguel Arévalo Truck

Thanks to the advantages of Effitrailer, J.M. Arévalo, founded in 2003, in Sedaví, will be able to detect and control any incidents that may appear in their fleet, helping to improve maintenance and reduce overall costs. 

Michelin Effitrailer Technology for José Miguel Arévalo’s Fleet 

Deciding to increase the safety of their operators, vehicles, as well as the cargo transported, the Effitrailer will be installed in their fleet of semi-trailers. The tool will help avoid the problems that arise from tyre failure, as well as improving the overall safety of their fleet. This is because Effirtailer helps monitor both the pressure and temperature of its tyres in real time and works as a solution for long term logistics, allowing Arévalo full control of the conditions within their semi-trailers, as well as knowing where they are as well as the crucial Emergency Bunker Surcharge (EBS) for general safety. This technology leads to Arévalo being able to control potential incidents that could occur, analysing them, anticipating them and reducing company costs. 

J.M. Arévalo has been specialising in transporting containers with tipping equipment between 20 and 40 feet since it was founded in 2003, and has shown sustained specialisation in the transport of refrigerated containers and dangerous goods, having hauled 20,000 containers annually. J.M. Arévalo is also known for being a freight forwarder and one of the strongest transport companies in the port of Valencia. 

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