UK Rubber Supports Scottish Business with Scrap Tyre Uplift Facility

UK Rubber Team

UK Rubber (UKR), the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) licensed tyre recycling facility located in Motherwell, is set to provide a one-stop solution to the problem of processing scrap tyre arisings in Scotland, and is now looking to promote its new scrap tyre uplift service to businesses across Scotland. 

UK Rubber Offering Scrap Tyre Uplift Service Across Scotland

UKR, which received its SEPA licence at the start of August, is able to process 170 tons of scrap car and truck tyres per day at its new industrial scale tyre recycling plant in Central Scotland and aims to ultimately handle the vast majority of scrap tyres generated within the Scottish economy. 

The plant will ultimately use environmentally-friendly processes such as cryogenics to provide a full circular recovery process, producing rubber crumb, metal and fibre, allowing Scotland to process all its own scrap tyre waste rather than having it shipped across the border to England or overseas. 

UKR’s Managing Director, David Ashurst, explained the process; At UKR we aim to meet the significant environmental challenges of tomorrow by creating solutions which are both waste management efficient and financially sound. Our aim is to intercept waste and to stop it going out of Scotland, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of Scottish businesses, keeping valuable raw materials within the Scottish economy and helping to create Scottish jobs.” 

UKR is looking to target a wide range of Scottish businesses such as garages, tyre fitting chains, fleet operators, plant operators, port and marine users with their SEPA licensed uplift service. 

The company’s all-female tyre collection team is available to uplift scrap tyres from across Scotland’s central belt with a third-party uplift service available in other areas of the UK. Once back at the Motherwell recycling facility, tyres are unloaded and processed in an environmentally responsible way. 


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