Michelin Offers High-Bearing Load Capacity Tyres for Regional Traffic

Michelin MULTI Tyres Unveiled
Michelin MULTI Tyres Unveiled

Michelin is expanding its X MULTI multi-purpose truck tyre family, specially designed for regional traffic, in the 315/80 R 22.5” size, for all axle positions, including the drive axle.

The New Models

Whether fleets work in the construction industry, or in timber and forestry, or simply transporting bulk goods, increased loads are essential to get the goods to their destination. With the company’s X MULTI HL Z and HL T range, Michelin has innovated the products to specially cater to higher load capacity requirements and are designed for both towed and towing units, equipped with cranes and other heavy-weight structures. Thanks to the higher load capacity and being equipped on two-axle trailers, these tyres not only show versatility, but also longevity.

Philipp Ostbomk, the Director of Michelin sales for DACH said of the new products: Our X MULTI tyre family for regional traffic is in high demand by our customers, especially since around 70 percent of our fleet customers experience a mix of local and long-distance traffic. Thanks to our expanded dimensions and load capacity adjustments, we can now respond better to these important customer needs.

The X MULTI HL Z in size 385/65 R 22.5” has been specially tailored for the steering requirements for steering axles and suit timber transporters and trucks with lifting cranes. Thanks to the highly developed construction, the load capacity is increased to ten tons per axle. Compared to its predecessor, the new tire from the X MULTI truck tyre range allows up to 30 percent more service life for the customer’s benefit. This is ensured by an innovative rubber compound on the tread, with which the original tread depth can be reduced, allowing for higher mileage, ensuring a sustainable tyre suitable for regional and national usage.

The Special Michelin Technology that enhances the MULTI range

Michelin has three major technologies they use for their tyres. All with different elements. The first, named Regenion which offers differently shaped sipes that ensure little deformation of the tread and low rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption. With the help of complex vulcanization molds manufactured using the 3-D metal printing process, lamellae can be produced which opens up as the tyre wears and helps enable a high degree of adhesion up to the limit of the drive-off limit. The self-supporting tread blocks also help to reduce rolling resistance and thus fuel consumption.

The second technology is Infinicoil, which is a steel cable up to 400 meters long, which is wound endlessly lengthways around the tire between the belt layers. This optimizes the ground contact area and reduces rolling resistance and increases mileage. Finally, the Powercoil technology offers the light, yet high-strength steel powercoil cables known to ensure high resistance to deformation and injuries. Rolling resistance is reduced and the tyre weight can be reduced when compared to previous technologies used.

The Michelin X MULTI HL T Designed for the Two-Axle Chassis

The Michelin X MULTI HL T is specially designed for use on the load-bearing axle, which has proved particularly popular when replacing trailer types with tires on two-axle chassis. The load-bearing capacity of the tyre is an essential requirement here, which the new Michelin X MULTI HL T fulfills with flying colors - because the axle load can be increased by up to a ton. The design of the tread is another plus point: It is based on the company’s core technologies, which guarantee a longer service life and lower rolling resistance. With this formula, the mileage can be increased by up to 25 percent compared to the previous generation. Another new product in the Multi tyre range is in the dimension 315 / 80R 22.5”, with which Michelin meets the strong market demand. Likewise, the Michelin X MULTI Z is specially designed for the steering axle. Compared to the previous model, this tire allows up to 15 percent more mileage potential. Which ultilises the same MULTI technologies in the MULTI HL T range, as does the Michelin X MULTI D, which is specially designed for the drive axle, and with the Regenion and Powercoil technology offers 10% additional mileage potential.

The MULTI range are all marked with the 3 PMSF symbol and ensure an optimal level of grip regardless of the weather conditions. The tyres can also be regrooved and retreaded, which helps contribute beneficially to the operator’s costs, as well as to ensuring a more ecological footprint.

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