New Product from Speedline Truck: 22,5x9,75 SLT 3698

Speedline Truck: 22,5x9,75 SLT 3698

Speedline Truck complements its range of forged light alloy wheels, presenting the SLT 3698 – the first forged light alloy wheel for trucks in 22,5x9,75” to better meet the more “extreme” needs of megatrailers. 

Speedline Truck Presents the SLT 3698 Truck Wheel 

In the large-volume sector, it is very important to maximise the volume available for the goods with a very low floor level and the best use of the maximum height of the truck at 4 m. 

With the SLT 3698 wheelSpeedline Truck now completes the entire range of alloy wheel sizes used in this sector, also covering the most demanding and extreme truck configuration when equipped with the 315/45R22.5 tyre on the drive axle. 

Using Speedline Truck forged light alloy wheels instead of standard steel wheels can cut the weight per truck and trailer by up to approximately 200 kg. The reduced non-moving mass results in a lower fuel consumption. 

In its usual high-quality forged light alloy, the new Speedline Truck wheel SLT 3698 is available in the brilliant diamond surface finish with a 32 mm bolt hole. 

Below is an example of a configuration of a large-volume transport truck that uses 315/45R22.5 tyres on a drive axle: 


Front axle: SLT 3018 22,5x11,75 ET 120 with 355/50R22.5 tyres 

Rear axle: New product SLT 3698 22,5x9,75 with 315/45R22.5 tyres  


All positions: SLT 3598 19,5x14.00 ET120 with 425/55, 435/50 or 445/45R 

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