Michelin Move Makes Perfect Sense for Farrall’s Group

Farrall's Group and Quinton Tyres

Farrall’s Group is moving its entire fleet of 65 trucks and 100 trailers onto a Michelin tyre policy. The decision follows a trial organised by local Michelin advocate dealer Quinton Tyres, which demonstrated the sustainability advantages of the Michelin product. 

Farrall Group’s Entire Fleet Fitted with Michelin Tyres  

The company used to run a mix of competitor brands but will now switch to Michelin as part of its strategy to ensure its drivers always have the “best tools to do the job”. 

Matthew Farrall, Managing Director at Farrall’s Group, says: “Quinton Tyres put the Michelin solution forward when we went to market for a new tyre partner and we were really intrigued to see the difference a professionally managed Michelin policy could make. The quality of service we have seen so far from Quinton Tyres has been excellent – the level of detail and technology they used to complete a full audit inspection of the fleet was very impressive. 

“We compared the product against data for rival brands, but it was the Michelin tyres which stood out in terms of fuel efficiency, pence per mile and longevity, particularly when we factored in regrooving and retreading. 

“The move to Michelin means we are now saving fuel and improving the sustainability of our operation. We take a lot of pride in our fleet and are focused on making sure the team has the best tools to do the job. It all supports the goal of delivering a reliable and consistent service to our customers.” 

All tyres will follow a multi-life policy with skilled technicians from Quinton Tyres regrooving worn tyres on site once the tread depth reaches 3-4mm, helping to extend each tyre’s life in its most fuel efficient state. Once the regrooved tyres have worn they will be retreaded at the Michelin Remix plant in Stoke, just 40 miles away – a process which saves natural resources, doubles the Michelin casing lifespan and supports UK manufacturing. 

Farrall’s Group has specified tyres from Michelin’s X Multi range, with Quinton Tyres replacing existing fitments across the fleet as wear dictates. All new trucks and trailers will also be specified on Michelin rubber as original equipment. 

An essential part of the new policy will be Michelin’s versatile X Multi D drive tyres – packed with patented Michelin technologies, including Powercoil – a robust steel casing cable which helps to make each tyre lighter yet more robust, leading to better endurance and reduced rolling resistance. These tyres also benefit from Regenion technology within the tread that progressively reveals hidden grooves in order to maintain grip throughout the life of the tyre. 

“We are really impressed with the traction and all-round performance of the X Multi tyres. They give us the confidence our fleet will be safe on the road all year round,” adds Farrall. “Moving to Michelin is a definite upgrade across our fleet, and it’s better for the environment too.” 

Established in 1956, family-owned Farrall’s Group offers logistics, nationwide deliveries, warehouse, storage and parcel services to a wide spectrum of customers around the UK from its head office in Chester. 

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