Michelin Effitrailer Now Servicing the Transportes João Pires Fleet

Transportes João Pires

Transportes João Pires chooses Michelin’s Effitrailer Telematic Solution to improve efficiency and safety and reduce costs.  

Transportes João Pires Chooses Michelin’s Effitrailer 

Since its inception in the late 1980's, Transportes Internacionales João Pires has registered a sustainable growth in its activity as a result of continuous effort and successful work in all key areas that impact a transport company.  

For this reason, João Pires decided to invest in efficient information systems and in the modernization of the telematic communication systems of its fleet. In addition to having a renewed fleet of vehicles with an average age of just 2.3 years. In 2018 it began installing the Effitrailer Solution on the semi-trailers of its entire fleet.  

Effitrailer is a telematics solution from Michelin that constantly controls usage conditions i.e. EBS information as well as the pressure and temperature of the tyres in real time. It can detect and report any abnormal situation that may occur, analyse it, foresee maintenance and reduce costs. Ultimately, this avoids the consequences of a breakdown and improves the safety of its drivers and the fleet as a whole.  

Furthermore, Michelin Effitrailer allows Transportes João Pires to easily locate its semi-trailers, and for staff as well as customers to know its exact location. Another benefit of the Effitrailer tool is the optimisation of vehicle usage, reducing kilometer losses and also contributing to company cost reductions.

Transportes João Pires operates in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Morocco. Recently, João Pires made a large investment in the Logistics sector, currently covering 15,000 m2 storage area.  

In the words of its CEO, Mr. Pires, “We face the future with optimism, since the trust of our clients is owed to excellent work. The continuous strengthening and modernisation of our fleet is an indispensable tool.” 

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