CV Production and Export in Spain Recovered Slightly in June


A progressive recovery of the European markets are seeing drops in production and export figures level out, allowing for a slight recovery. 

Spain Experiences Mild Improvements in the Market 

From suppliers to dealerships, all the way through to the factories themselves, there has been an undeniable impact due to the coronavirus pandemic. This two-month paralysis of the automobile value chain has caused alarming figures. However, the progressive recovery of the European markets, which are slowing these drops down, are allowing for a slight recovery.  

At the national level, the implementation of the Plan RENOVE in Spain, along with other plans to help purchase of vehicles in neighbouring countries, has triggered an improvement in sales prospects for the coming months. This has caused increases in production to meet demand, which, while has improved upon the figures seen from previous months, still fall short compared to the same months last year. 

Production of commercial and industrial vehicles continued to fall compared to the same month of the year past, but with better figures than previous months, registering a decrease of 9.8% for June and 46,391 units manufactured. For the first half-year, a total of 198,946 vehicles produced have accumulated, 36% less than the same period last year.  

As for production by vehicle type, only heavy industrial vehicles with 1,615 units have seen its production increase compared to 2019, with a growth of 38.6%. Additionally, light commercial vehicles have best mitigated their fall with 23,268 units, which is 5.2% less than trucks with 19,777 units, representing a decrease of 5.8%.  

On the other hand, light industrial vehicles with 1,570 units (-58.5%) and truck tractors with 161 units (-82.7%) have maintained similar figures to last month. 

In the first half of 2020, commercial and industrial vehicles have grossed a total of 35,282 units, 2.3% less than the same month last year, registering 144,373 vehicles of this type sent abroad during the first half-year of 2019, which represents a decrease of 32.7%. 

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