Ziegler Tyre: “Things Are Trending the Right Way”


Ziegler Tyre is reporting an upturn in prospects, according to a report recently published in the US publication, Modern Tire Dealer. The report refers to a ‘cautiously optimistic’ feeling amongst independent tyre dealers as they adapt to the second half of an tumultuous year.

Ziegler Tyre Reporting Improvement in Prospects

John Ziegler, vice president of Massillon, Ohio-based Ziegler Tyre & Supply Co., which is listed at the 39th largest dealership in their annual MTD 100 has a positive outlook for the near-future. It’s a company with an already varied history, opening its doors in 1919, surviving the Great Depression as well as the Second World War.  

He added that their current strategy was to "buy what we need and not anymore than what we need." In June, the projection for Ziegler Tyre was a 10-15% decline from 2019, which he said was a improve than previously expected, as “People are starting to drive and trucks are moving.”

Ziegler Tyres added three commercial tyre locations last year, in Kentucky and Indiana, which were the perfect opportunities at that moment, however Ziegler warns that, “I think we have to protect what we have.” To do this Ziegler has an eye on controlling the inventory they have and not to overextend beyond their clients, although that’s not to say the company aren’t lacking for ambition. Ziegler playfully adds, “We’re always chasing that carrot. But for the most part, it seems like it’s been more of a ‘Let’s take our lumps and see what the second half brings.”

Source: Modern Tire Dealer

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