The New Generation Joins the Reifen Lorenz Management Team


The next generation of the Lorenz family has joined the reins of management at Reifen Lorenz, based in Lauf, with 30 year-old Maximilian Lorenz running the family business along with his father, Hermann, as of July this year.

Reifen Lorenz Adds to Management Team

Reifen Lorenz is unique in being one of only a few owner-managed specialist tyre companies in Germany, operating a total of twenty two branches and two retreading companies, based in Franconia and the Upper Palatinate, as well as in the federal states of Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Currently, they have 270 employees who work for Reifen Lorenz. With Maximilian Lorenz, a business administration graduate as the CEO of the company, it represents the fourth generation of the Lorenz family working for the company since it was founded more than 90 years ago.

The ethos of the company is that it sees its role “As a partner in all matters relating to tyres and cars.” The company was founded in 1930 by Hermann Lorenz in the then Riesengebirge area, which is now the Giant Mountains area of the Czech Republic. Known for being a vulcaniser of some skill, by 1952 the company opened in Rückersdorf and in 1961, Hermann’s son, Günter Lorenz became the second CEO. The company’s success was based on key measures, such as focusing on growth and refinement in their products. Günter thereafter looked to expansion, initially in the Franconian region, where in 1979 he changed the headquarters, from Rückersdorf to Lauf.

Hermann Lorenz, joined the company in 1985 and oversaw the expansion of their branch network, which continued in the new federalised states, when Germany reunified. By 1993 Hermann Lorenz was running the business together with his father, which is how, today we have history repeating itself with Hermann now running the business with his son.

The biggest developments of the twenty-first century were in 2005 with the building of the branch in Nuremberg-Nopitschstr, which included car and truck tyre service, as well as its own restaurant, as well as the construction of a new tyre retread plant in Feuchtwangen, in 2008.

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