McCarthy Tire is Looking to Achieve Growth for the Remainder of 2020


McCarthy is working towards resorting growth after a year of uncertainty, according to an interview recently carried out with the US magazine Modern Tire Dealer.

McCarthy Tire Turn Eye Towards Q2 in 2020

John McCarthy Jr., president of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Based McCarthy Tire Service Co. Inc., winner of the MTD’s Tire Dealer of the Year, 2019 prize is resilient and optimistic, focusing on the positives of projected-growth in the third and fourth quarter of 2020. Wilkes-Barre, ranked 21st on the MTD 100 has 60 outlets, including the GCR Tires & Service locations, acquired from Bridgestone Americas Inc. in 2019. This year, there are plans to integrate those locations into the overall operations. McCarthy mentions that many existing customers have grown their business in line with the dealership, including home delivery fleets and UPS. "Those customers have been extremely busy - not just on the tire side, but on the mechanical side. They're running all-out right now. Bottled water companies, beverage distributors, some medical supply groups... we also do business with a lot of supermarket chains. Their trucks have been running non-stop.”

It hasn’t all been success though for their clients, with McCarthy noting that a dental supply company with 1,500 employees has been severely affected and 80% of their business with Wilkes-Barre has been whittled away. McCarthy has analysed the market in depth and focused the company’s energy in having the sales force target the customers still running. He notes the changes on the horizon:  "You can't do everything the same way you did even four months ago. Unfortunately, there are some who think all you need to do to pick up business is cut price."

Whilst costs are up for the business McCarthy believes the front-line associates deserve bonuses for pushing on with a market still in shock and still adjusting.

Source: Modern Tire Dealer

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