Magna OTR Tyres Delivering Satisfaction for Customer in Bordeaux


Audoins & Fils has been reporting good performance with the 23.5R25 Magna MA02, 23.5R25 Magna MA08 and 29.5R25 Magna MA05 tyres in their mining operations.

Magna Products Performing Well in France

Career Audoins & Fils has existed for three generations. Located in Charente and Charente Maritime (Bordeaux region), they have 8 quarries with 100 employees. Their main activities cover: Concrete production, producing gravel and pouring concrete on construction sites.

Magna Tyres Group and Audoins & Fils have been working together since 2016, with the group recently visiting France for a technical site visit and together with the customer, whilst carrying out technical checks of the tyres to search for performance improvement.

The customer is satisfied with the collaboration, providing another reason for why Audoins & Fills continues to bet on Magna Tyres.

The first product in use by Audions & Fils is the Magna MA02 is designed for use on wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks, scrapers, grader and dozers. Side wall protection and flotation are enhanced by the wide shoulder design. The non-directional E3+/L3+ tread provides improved traction and performance, whilst the new improved technology of the high-tech casing reduces heat buildup.

Additionally, the Magna MA08 has been in use and is designed for wheel loaders, dozers and graders requiring maximum traction. The optimized square-shouldered design provides stability and protection against cuts. Similarly to the MA02, the high-tech casing is reducing heat buildup inside the tyre. The aggressive L4/L5 open tread pattern provides grip and traction, whilst the all steel radial construction and improved protector plies have optimised load performance and operator comfort.

The final tyre that has been fitting to Audoins & Fils vehicles is the Magna MA05. The product which is designed for extreme loader applications in surface mines, quarries, scrap yards and for underground mine transport. The crown and sidewall are reinforced to prevent damage and to extend tyre life in severe operating conditions.The extra deep L5 rock tread and reinforced sidewalls prevent damage in severe operating conditions, with the tyre also benefiting from the same steel radial construction and protector piles afforded to the MA08.

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