Pirelli Renews Cyber Fleet Offering

Pirelli Cyber Fleet

Pirelli has announced the complete renewal of its Cyber Fleet solution with two new products, Cyber Fleet Smart and Cyber Fleet Gate.

Pirelli Updates Fleet Management System

These solutions have been designed to optimize tyre management costs, as well as increase safety and efficiency. The new solutions, which communicate via Bluetooth, are connected to the Pirelli Cloud, where tyre data is analysed to supply information and predictions about fuel consumption, vehicle efficiency, and maintenance. The experience Pirelli gained from the first version of Cyber Fleet allowed for a ground-up redesign of the system to bring it closer to the real needs of transport companies, bringing installation times practically down to zero.

The Cyber Fleet Smart system is a plug and play solution, composed of sensors fitted to the inner liner of the tyre which communicate directly to a free Smart App which can be installed onto the smartphone of the fleet manager, vehicle driver, or owner. The users of the App can configure their fleets as they wish and have updated vehicle data always at hand. Whenever the tyres are checked sensors send information about pressures and temperatures directly to the Smart App and alarms are triggered in case of any issue. Tyre checks now take a matter of seconds compared to the traditional 15/20 minutes required for the manual operation.

The tyre status data obtained is then transmitted to the Pirelli cloud and shared with any devices the customer has authorised. Monthly, the customer will receive a tyre usage report with information about the efficiency of his fleet. Cyber Fleet Smart is quick, easy to install and requires no additional hardware or subscription.

Maintaining all of the features of the Cyber Fleet Smart solution, Cyber Fleet Gate is an evolution of the Smart and includes remote tyre monitoring activities. A ‘traffic light’ fitted at the warehouse captures data from the sensors and analyses it in real time. A green light comes on if all the tyres are as they should be and a red one comes on if an intervention on one or more tyres is needed.

Cyber Fleet Gate solution also relays information to Cyber Fleet Control which is a web portal that can be consulted at any time by the fleet manager. Every time a vehicle enters or exits the warehouse, the tyres are checked and information is relayed back to the traffic light. A report also comes with the Gate solution and provides the fleet manager with useful data so that he can best manage his tyres, improve the vehicle efficiency of his fleet, carry out preventative maintenance, and effectively decrease fuel consumption and increase both the safety of his drivers and on the road. As part of the future road map, Cyber Fleet Gate also allows the possibility of integration with the fleet’s management software.

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