BF Goodrich Premiere European Truck Tyre Range

BF Goodrich

The BFGoodrich brand presented its European truck and bus tyre range for the first time at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show recently.

European Premiere for BFGoodrich CV Tyre Range

This follows BFGoodrich’s launch of its first ever range of commercial vehicle tyres for the European market at the end of 2017. These tyres been available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since the start of this year.

The Michelin-owned BFGoodrich brand already has a proven range of car tyres in Europe, which it expanded this year with truck tyres for local, regional and long-haul applications as well as for construction vehicles and buses. Following market launch, there are now more than 50 model variants available for steer, drive and trailer use.

The new tyres are available in nine diameters: 15, 17.5, 19.5 and 22.5 inches. All of them bear the M+S mark and many sizes also carry the 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) symbol, making them ideally suited for use in winter weather, too.

The range is available in three new types:

- BFGoodrich ROUTE CONTROL: These tyres are designed for local, regional and long-distance cargo applications. They provide long-lasting performance and excellent safety in all weather conditions. ROUTE CONTROL tyres are regrooveable and retreadable, resulting in an excellent price per kilometre. There are two wide tyre sizes for steering axles, while the 60-series tyres help haulers maximise use of payload volume.

- BFGoodrich CROSS CONTROL: For mixed use on roads and construction sites, development engineers rigorously tested the robust carcasses of these tyres under extreme conditions on African tracks.

- BFGoodrich URBAN CONTROL: These safe, low-noise tyres are designed specifically for city buses and have exceptionally robust, reinforced flanks. They are also equipped with RFID chips for convenient tyre management in bus depots.

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