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With the aim of reducing carbon emissions by 25% for the year 2023, Goodyear is aiming to cut its carbon footprint by 260,000 tons. 

Goodyear has rolled out a new fuel efficient and versatile product line called FUELMAX ENDURANCE during a virtual press conference in which the results of the company’s Sustainable Reality Survey were brought into focus as well. Goodyear’s FUELMAX ENDURANCE portfolio is a range of steer and drive axle tyres designed to provide an innovative solution for transportation and logistics companies operating both on motorways and A- and B-roads.

During a virtual press conference on September 23rd, 2021 and as part of their launch for the FUELMAX ENDURANCE, Goodyear revealed some of the key results from their Sustainable Reality Survey which was conducted with almost 1,000 fleets across over 30 European countries. As part of Goodyear’s efforts in carrying out the survey, the manufacturer planted one tree for every participant through non-profit organisation, Tree-Nation.


Under Goodyear, select fleets can customise and lease Goodyear CheckPoint devices for their truck years, which are optimised for their tyre programme.

Robotics solutions facilitate the transport of goods in logistics and road traffic, which is where Continental will present their intelligent farming robot at the Hamburg from October 11 to 15.

PSH Environmental has found that Michelin X Mine D2 Pro tyres can last the distance on its two Volvo L90Hs and older L60H wheeled loaders than any other rubber tyres. 

Improving the safety of its fleet, Hertfordshire-based Soil & Water Solutions has installed Wheely-Safe’s latest TPMS system for its fleet of eight 32-tonne tippers. Wheely-Safe’s latest generation of intelligent tyre pressure monitoring systems focuses on wheel loss and wheel rim temperature sensors.

Falken Tyre has continued its role as the official sponsor of Atlético De Madrid for the 2021/22 season, which started in 2018/19 for the current La Liga champions and tyre manufacturer.

Comité des Constructeurs Français d'Automobiles, the Automotive manufacturing association in France have released the latest vehicle figures for August, which show a decline for the month of August when compared to the prior year. However, there is a noticeable increase in the year to date figures, compared to the same period of time in 2020.  

Minimising the impact of agriculture machinery on the soil, BKT’s Flotation Range is providing new ways to provide sustainability and efficiency in the field without damaging either the soil or the crops.

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