Agricultural and Industrial Tyres

Interfit, part of Trelleborg Wheel Systems, Interfit is a specialty tyres and wheels partner for agriculture and industrial specialists. With a network of more than 20 countries, Interfit is now extending into Italy.

In Part 7 of our Agricultural Tyre Feature, Commercial Tyre Business had the opportunity to speak to Bridgestone’s VT Sales Manager for North Europe, Stephen Lamb. Although Bridgestone has 6 years in the sector, its work in creating an extensive range of agricultural tyres has already converted Bridgestone into a tried and tested success story. 

Magna has fitted its Magna 256.5R25 M-Terrain tyre to an Austrian company’s Caterpillar 972M. Magna confirmed that this is the third time the customer has opted for the M-Terrain tyre, having tried and tested the model.

In Part 6 of our Agricultural Tyre feature, Commercial Tyre Business is focusing on how Continental’s components are helping ensure a ride with fewer vibrations, a lower vehicle weight and more comfort for the driver. Equally importantly, we wanted to find out how these factors also improve the tyre's overall performance on the field. 

In Part 5 of our Agricultural Tyre feature, Commercial Tyre Business looks at how the Yokohama Off-Highway Tires brand (YOHT) is making the move to extend its presence in Sweden. With the Alliance product range offered by the NDI Group as a strategic distribution partner for the Nordics since 1984, YOHT has now forged a partnership with Broson Wheels to strengthen Alliance within the OE2 segment within Sweden.

For Part 4 of our Agricultural Tyre feature, Commercial Tyre Business looks to Trelleborg Wheel System’s collaboration with Massey Ferguson for the European MF eXperience Tour 2022 and why this anticipated annual event in the agricultural calendar has become such an core event in Europe.

For Part 3 of our Agricultural Tyre feature, Commercial Tyre Business had the opportunity to speak with Steve Daly, Commercial Director at CAM Systems, about its approach for the agricultural sector. It is always interesting to look at how the industry’s specialist software providers approach specific niche sectors within the tyre market. With that in mind, we wanted to find out CAM’s take on what challenges agricultural dealers are currently facing and what demands they are placing on IT suppliers like CAM to help ease the workload.

Trelleborg Wheel Systems is looking to improve its material handling operations by launching its latest tyre solution for maximum intensity applications with the XP1000.

For Part 2 of our Agricultural Tyre feature in Commercial Tyre Business, we’re focusing on Continental’s VF TractorMaster Hybrid tyre, which has just garnered coveted approval from the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG) association. With the VF TractorMaster Hybrid tyre, Continental is joining the ranks of other manufacturers in investing in and producing tyres using very high flexion (VF) technology to help fleets save labour and time in the long run.

Adding to its solid tyre lineup at its new automation factory, MAXAM Tire has unveiled its EcoPoint3 compound. Combining automotive and manufacturing technology this compound will help bring the performance and durability of MAXAM’s material handling products to a new level. 

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