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Some ups and downs in the Spanish registrations for December, but overall 2022 was a year of decline in sales, reflecting the state of the economy as Europe heads into recession

MAXAM now offers a new radial flotation solution aimed at preserving crops and soil mineral regeneration

The previously announced takeover of Trelleborg Wheel Systems by Yokohama has been delayed by regulatory requirements

Netradyne, an Indian industry leader in fleet safety and management solutions, has announced a five-year contract with B.D. Dhalla Transport

Indian IT Solutions provider Netradyne gains a logistics award from the Confederation of Indian Industry for its work on fleet management

Goodyear has released the results of its annual survey on the reality of sustainability

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions and Bia have joined forces to enter a partnership to help power and optimise fleet electrification

The 2023 motorsport season is about to start, with one of the world’s most prestigious races already getting underway while New Year’s celebrations are going on around the globe

September registered a significant growth in truck tyres compared to 2021.

Targeting visitors from across the UK, the 2023 event will be the first UK based event since 2019.

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