For Part 10 of our Agricultural Tyre Feature, Commercial Tyre Business touched base with Pete Robb, Marketing Director for Continental Agricultural Sales. As one of the manufacturers very much at the forefront of research, development and innovation in the agricultural sector, Continental’s insights into the current state of the agricultural market are extremely valuable. Besides this, we also endeavoured to find out more regarding the role conferences could play within the sector in 2022 and how the manufacturer is harvesting technology to make changes for farmers.

With ContiConnect 2.0, the comprehension upgrade of Continental’s intelligent tyre management solution includes a new web portal and a new multifunctional application to help better coordination vehicle and tyre services. With big data and artificial intelligence Continental continues its analysis of data from tyre sensors, which will help fuel the move towards predictive maintenance. 

Bridgestone has created an informative digital hub to keep commercial fleet operators aware of the core tyre topics with a series of free, downloadable e-books.

In Part 7 of our Agricultural Tyre Feature, Commercial Tyre Business had the opportunity to speak to Bridgestone’s VT Sales Manager for North Europe, Stephen Lamb. Although Bridgestone has 6 years in the sector, its work in creating an extensive range of agricultural tyres has already converted Bridgestone into a tried and tested success story. 

Wheely-Safe technology is being rolled out across Kier Highways Solutions’ 25-strong commercial vehicle and trailer fleet, with Kier Highways commending Wheely-Safe for its systems flexibility and ease of use.

In Part 6 of our Agricultural Tyre feature, Commercial Tyre Business is focusing on how Continental’s components are helping ensure a ride with fewer vibrations, a lower vehicle weight and more comfort for the driver. Equally importantly, we wanted to find out how these factors also improve the tyre's overall performance on the field. 

For Part 3 of our Agricultural Tyre feature, Commercial Tyre Business had the opportunity to speak with Steve Daly, Commercial Director at CAM Systems, about its approach for the agricultural sector. It is always interesting to look at how the industry’s specialist software providers approach specific niche sectors within the tyre market. With that in mind, we wanted to find out CAM’s take on what challenges agricultural dealers are currently facing and what demands they are placing on IT suppliers like CAM to help ease the workload.

Adding to its solid tyre lineup at its new automation factory, MAXAM Tire has unveiled its EcoPoint3 compound. Combining automotive and manufacturing technology this compound will help bring the performance and durability of MAXAM’s material handling products to a new level. 

RMC Equipment has conquered the familiar problem of seized metal with an AES (Automotive Equipment Solutions) hi3.5 induction heater.

With Landsail’s two commercial vehicles tyres, the manufacturer has focused its energy on having two distinct tyres with different capabilities that offer cost savings, durability and comfort on the road.

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